Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Great things about being blind. causing smiles.

I was out with a friend yesterday and as we walked along, she commented that almost everyone looks at the dog and smiles. It is like seeing a dog on a freezing and windy February day, in public where you don't normally see a dog, makes you smile. Seeing a well behaved, happy dog, doing her job, makes people smile. This isn't the first time I've been told this by sighted friends. I'm not surprised. Having a dog with me, makes me smile most of the time. And it's great to have them with you in times of stress. At job interviews, you can reach down and pat a being that loves you no matter what. Even if you just said something stupid and lost all chances of that employment opportunity. At the dentist, if you reach down, there is the furry dog. So no matter what is going on in your mouth, they're there. Today will be a tough day as I need to go and pick up my Gia's ashes from the vet. But there, as I wait for them, as I hold them, as I touch the paw print they made for me of her paw, there will be a dog beside me. Always there. Calm, happy, dignified, making me and others feel peaceful and smile. How lucky I am. And how lucky the people are that get a boost in their day, because they saw my dog.

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