Monday, February 21, 2011

Great things about being blind. Hearing happy dog noises.

this set of happy memories started with a sad one. I realized last night that I would never again hear Gia's happy squeaking noise. It got me to thinking about my dogs and their happy noises. I always mean to record them and don't. This time with Tulia I will. My first guide dog (black lab Gwenny) did something I've never heard from a retreiver before or since. And she only started doing it after I'd had her for several months. She howled when she was happy. Tipped her head back, nose pointing skywards, pranced her little front paws (I heard the tap tap tap) and howled.
If you said, "Would you like a biscuit?" she howled.
If you said, "Would you like to go to the park?" she howled.
If you said, "Christmas presents." she howled.
It did get us into an embarrassing situation once. I was being paid to work for a friend of mine at her receptionist job while she was on vacation. I was telling someone on the phone where we were located. I mentioned parking lot (yes it had the word park in it) and Gwenny got up and howled right there in the office. The person on the phone was curious about that noise that sounded kind of like a wolf. Wish I had recorded it.
She did another happy thing. She knew she wasn't supposed to jump on people, but she loved it when people came over so she would go to the door and then start jumping near them but not touching. I loved to hear that little jumping motion.
Gia squeaked. She squeaked when she got excited to see you. When she was carrying a favourite toy. when you came home after leaving her in the house. It was a very high, quiet, soft squeak.
Gia also made very happy low noises when you scratched her chin.
And Gia drank water with a lapping motion faster than I've ever heard. She sure seemed to be enjoying it.
Tulia makes happy little grumbling noises when you pat her sometimes, or when she's settling down for a nap.
She also makes a very interesting sliding notes from high to low when she stretches when she gets up.
She snorts with happiness too.
And there's something about her walk when she's going towards toys she kind of struts I think as I hear her feet shuffling along. Never heard a dog walk like that before.
Her collar tags also make a very happy jingling noise as she bounces along.
Tulia dreams a lot with those little puppy barks and wags her tail a great deal in her dreams.
And there is never a happier sound than a retriever inhaling their food and cleaning up the dog bowl.
Listen to your animals sometimes and see what kinds of happy noises they make.

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  1. I love this, Kim. My (parent's) dog Mira goes "Woo Woo!" when she's excited.


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