Friday, February 25, 2011

Great things about being blind. Saving the environment.

I read a very interesting post on the bbc ouch web site.
I love their podcast, blog, and material.
It is all about and created by people with disabilities.
It seems that in Norway, an organization for blind people has put up some interesting ads trying to get more people who are blind employed.
Some people say that here in Canada as much as 70 percent of blind people are not employed. It is a scary statistic.
One of the ads I read from Norway, said something like,
"Employ a blind person. Save electricity."
It really made me laugh out loud.
Often, when I am home alone, I don't think to turn on lights. I don't need them.
I try to remember to put them on for my guide dog if I think of it.
But if someone else has left a light on, it stays on and I don't know either.
Anyway, yes blind people save electricity. They don't need their computer monitors on. They don't need lights on. And they don't drive so they save the environment by walking or taking public transit.
I feel very virtuous now.

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