Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Great things about being blind. TV and film watching.

A friend told me something very interesting the other day that I didn't know. She said she went to a movie but the movie had been played so many times that the picture was not perfect. I never knew that. Ah ha, I thought. Great thing about being blind? You don't need to see the picture. I've gone to movies and watched tv, attended plays and other performances for as long as I can remember. Family members grew adept at describing action to me. Since the inception of descriptive video services (DVS) where a track announces the action for people who are blind, I have loved this best. The first time I entered a theatre, asked for head phones, and listened to the audeo description of a movie, it was wonderful. I didn't have to ask anyone else what was going on. Tomorrow, I'll tell a crazy story about the movies before DVS. But for today, here's a funny tv story. One time I had people over for new year's eve. I said, "I got videos. Let's watch them." I put the video in, turned on the tv, and began listening to the movies. My friends were puzzled. They said there was no picture. The picture tube or whatever had broken. I'm not sure how long it had been that way. I thought, well this is a perfect tv for me. You should all just listen to the movies along with me. They weren't inclined to do so for some reason. Smile.

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