Saturday, February 19, 2011

Great things about being blind. Yoga class.

I went back to my yoga class this morning for the first time in a few weeks. It was so wonderful despite the howling freezing wind on the way there. This is a yoga class for blind people. There is a great instructor, several blind participants, and some sighted volunteers to assist when needed. I've taken yoga a few times over the years. One place would let me in but not let my guide dog in the yoga studio asking if I could, "Let her stay in the hallway." "No." They said her presence would change the atmosphere of the class. Any yoga class any of my guides has taken has changed the class atmosphere but always for the better. My guides would lie beside me and watch and occasionally put a paw or face on me but never bothered others in class. I have had good experiences in other classes too, but this one is the best. At the beginning or end of each class, we close the doors to the room and the guide dogs (there are usually at least two and sometimes four or five) play and run around and wrestle. So they get their social time in too. The instructor is great at explaining moves and everyone is supportive and friendly. As the classes have progressed, volunteers need to help us less and just take the class with us. When new people come, the volunteers help them. Today we did a lot of very slow moves and stretching which was great on a cold day. Near the end, I was lying on my back and thinking about Gia. Suddenly from my right where Tulia was lying on her mat, a little black paw was slipped into my hand. Just like Gia would have done. She left it there for several minutes. I love my yoga time. And I loved hearing Tulia and the other dog play today. They snorted, and ran, and jumped, and rolled about. Such a joyous sound.

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