Sunday, August 14, 2011

Audio description of sports.

There are some sports that I enjoy watching. Sports that are well described like track events and swimming. There are sports that are boring or difficult to watch. Visual sports like tennis. I thought about how congenitally blind people can often be not very physically active. They are not necessarily encouraged to try sports. but also, they don't know what those sports involve. They can't see a down hill skier and how fast they move. They don't know what a shot put is like or how someone flies over a high jump. They don't know what a speed skating oval looks like. The best way to get blind kids active is to introduce them to all kinds of activities and get them participating. Also, make sure those around them (families, teachers, and others) know that activities can be done. But, also audio describing sporting events such as the olympics will provide enjoyment for those of us who love to watch sports. All of us. Those who have been blind since birth or acquired blindness at an older age. So many athletes say they were inspired by watching the sports on tv. Here's hoping that watching olympics and other sporting events becomes even more accessible in the future.

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