Monday, August 29, 2011

Great things about being blind. Calming of the wind.

We were lucky and did not get pounded by the hurricane that has raged across the U.S. and parts of Canada. However, it was very windy yesterday. someone asked me a question about what disorients me and what makes me afraid. In some ways, that is wind. Wind makes it very difficult to hear. If you can't hear when you are blind, you don't hear traffic approaching, people approaching. It disorients you a little and you may not be sure quite where you are. all you hear is the sound of the wind. Or things blowing around. So, we set off for a walk yesterday but I found the wind hard to travel through and disorienting and since it was just a pleasure walk, we returned home. Today the wind is calm and I hear all things again. A friend describes the wind as a blind person's fog. It is in many ways. I like to hear the wind when I don't have to travel in it. Wind in the trees, wind howling when you are safe inside, wind on a beach near the ocean, all lovely. Wind on the street when you are trying to navigate your way about, not so lovely.


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    I know exactly how you feel. I don't mind when the wind is rustling the trees in the park. But when Ellie and I are coming back from the corner shop and we have to cross the big road where traffic comes at you from 3 different directions then it's not so great when you can't hear if it's safe. And because you can't hear if it's safe, you don't ask your guide dog if it's okay, and they aren't sure and it's all so disorientating. We've been stood there for quite sometime on several occasions and usually someone will come up and ask if they can cross us over because it's clear. And if we don't accept the help then we would probably still be there now!.

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