Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Great things about being blind. Special anniversary.

Ask any guide dog handler and they will tell you what day they met each of their guides, what it was like, what the dogs did. It is like Christmas. A special day we call dog day. Excitement crackles in the air and nervousness too. You are bringing together two live beings. Is it the right match? Will the dog like me? Will the team work? What will the dog be like? The first time, it was pure excitement and nervousness for me. Each subsequent time, excitement tinged with sadness as one partnership ends and another begins. One year ago today, I met the tiny shiny Tulia. Sad in my heart for the loss of a nine year partnership, but excited to meet a new furry guide. And she came into my life bouncing and wagging. She stole my heart right away. She does that with everyone. Thank you Tulia for this year. For your calm, steady work. Your wagging happy self. Your love and care for Gia as she aged and died. Your joyous nature. Your great work. I love you. Let's raise a biscuit to the Tulia and many more wonderful years together.

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