Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Great things about being blind. Riding the bumper cars.

I was reading an article about rollercoasters yesterday.  I didn't know there were so many kinds of rollercoasters.  Reading the article though made me a little queezy.  I don't do well on most rides.
The one ride I always liked was the bumper cars.  I got to drive them.  And bump into things.  On purpose!
One summer, I was running a camp for blind kids.  We went to our local fair that summer (called the exhibition here) and as we walked over, the kids talked about all of the rides.
Especially about driving the bumper cars.
I was pretty excited about that too actually.
The kids were much more adventurous than I was and went on all kinds of rides.
We got to the bumper cars.
There were enough volunteers and staff for one sighted person for each blind person.
When we got there, the man in charge of the ride asked,
"who is in charge here?"
"I am." I said.
"I hope you aren't going to let these blind people drive the bumper cars?"
"I am actually."
"You should not."
And then he said the thing that I will never forget.
The thing that still makes me laugh and shake my head in wonder to this day.
He said, "Well.  They might bump into something."
"Yes." I said and waited for more.
But no more came.
The kids were all crying now.
"I thought you said we could drive the bumper cars."
I went around to each pair of kid/volunteer.
I whispered, "Get in the cars.  And once they start, let the blind people drive.  What is he going to do?  Stop the ride?  Accuse us of wreckless driving?"
So, that is what we all did.  Myself included.
yes I too was a rebel and drove those bumper cars.
And yes, I bumped into things.

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