Saturday, August 13, 2011

Great things about being blind. The animals in the forest.

I went with some of my family last night to the cottage where I spent my summers all through my childhood. Being there is wonderful and peaceful and brings back great memories. This morning, as my guide dog and I sat out on the deck quite early, I heard a rustling noise in the forest. It sounded like quite a big animal. a deer perhaps. They have been known to appear there quite recently. But no! When I asked if anyone saw anything, they saw a tiny chipmunk. Now the chipmunk has a tiny little voice and is small but its rustling sounded big. Perhaps these animals rustle themselves in the forest leaves to sound larger and more imposing than they are. This isn't the first time I've thought a squirrel or a rabit or chipmunk was something considerably larger. On another note, thanks all for the wonderful comments and blogs. Keep them coming. On the topic of blogs, I have two additional blogs besides this one. One is written by me about storytelling things. The other is written by my guide dog tulia from her point of view. Here are their links. Kim Kilpatrick's storytelling blog tulia the guide dog's blog

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