Friday, August 19, 2011

Great things about being blind. Please don't be silent.

The other day, my guide dog and I were approaching a door to get into a building. It is a door we often use. A woman was there holding the door open. I do appreciate politeness as we all do I am sure. However, she held the door without telling me she was holding it. As my dog brought me up to it, I put out my hand to grab the handle and ended up touching her chest. She yelped, I moved back. She said, "I was just holding the door for you." I said, "Thank you but next time could you mention that you are holding the door?" She stamped off and didn't hold the next one. Sometimes I wonder why sighted people get all quiet when a blind person enters a room? Are they watching me intently? Do they not know what to say or do? Rule of thumb, talk to me. Tell me you are holding the door and then I wion't grab at any part of your body. And thank you to the majority of people out there who give wonderful descriptions and are very polite.

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