Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Great things about being blind. Nicknames?

I am collecting links submitted to me by my blog readers to post here.
thanks to those who have sent me your blogs too.
I'm enjoying them and will post all soon.
Well, I've heard it all now.
I was out in public yesterday and called my guide dog Tulia Tules which I sometimes do.
this woman said, "Your dog's name is tools?   What a terrible name for a dog."
I said, "Oh no it's not so bad.  You can call her tool box or tool kit or power tools."
"What an awful name."
A part of me thought I would tell her that a hardware store like  Canadian Tire or home hardware or home depot had sponsored her and needed to call her Tools.  But, I didn't.
I kind of like power Tules though.
All day yesterday I was calling her tool box and tool kit and laughing my head off.
doesn't take much to keep me amused does it?

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