Monday, August 8, 2011

Great things about being blind. A very special braille card.

I was busy all day today so didn't get to blog this morning.  On our way home, I picked up and iced coffee, (it is very hot) and as we walked along, I pondered what to blog about.  I had a few ideas but none of them seemed overly inspiring.  When I reached home, there was a box in our mailbox.  What a wonderful surprise.  A box from Tulia's first family to wish us a great upcoming first year anniversary of being together.  Inside the box was a bag of yummy treats.  Well, I assume they are yummy to dogs.  She hasn't had one yet but they certainly got Tulia's attention.  Also, a black lab statue which is wonderful.  As I kept feeling around inside the box, I found a card.  I was so surprised, delighted, and touched, to open it and find I could read it.  Yes, it is in braille.  Saying happy anniversary to  us and a few more sentences.  Ending with, We love you both!  The rest was great but the brailling of the card was super special to me.  It is so wonderful to be able to read cards in packages easily and effortlessly.  this gesture is extra special to me.  Thanks Tulia's first family.  Tulia was their first pup to raise.  The first one may well be harder to give up than others.  But, I suspect whether Tulia was their first or their fifty first, she would be a tough pup to let go.  Thanks for raising her, for helping her grow up, for letting her go, and for all of your friendship now.  You are awesome!  We love you all.  How did you get the braille done?

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