Saturday, August 6, 2011

Great things about being blind. Blind bowling anyone?

Someone asked me about other games besides darts after I wrote about that the other day. I have tried bowling. There are blind bowlers who are incredibly good. I am not one of them. Mind you, I don't practice it regularly and could most likely improve if I did. I have bowled maybe a handful of times. I ended up once with a prize for the lowest score. but, the thing I remember best about bowling with colleagues from work at a charity event, was that my guide dog at the time, yellow lab Margaret, was lying by the bench. I didn't attach her to anything and thought she would stay where she was. But, as soon as she saw the balls rolling, she leapt up and chased them down the alley. She was lucky not to get hurt. She ran down the alley after those balls and colleagues of mine had to chase her and bring her back. I kept a firm hold of her leash after that for sure. So, yess, I have tried bowling and other similar games. More about them in future days. Thanks for your continued support and links. Will post some of them in future days.

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