Sunday, August 28, 2011

Great things about being blind. Echo location.

Yesterday, a friend and I were talking about echo location as she heard about it on the radio. That is where some blind people seem to be able to figure out things in their environment by clicking their tongues and hearing the sounds bouncing off objects. I am probably not explaining it well. As a kid, we called this facial vision as you kind of felt in your face when there were objects around you. I have it. don't know quite how I got it. It doesn't seem to be as involved as some people have but I haven't consciously practiced it. I do sense in my face when there are objects near me. People, trees, garbage cans. I can also sense door ways as I walk along a hallway. Open spaces and when building start up again after a parking lot. I am going to try to work on this skill more and see what happens. I'll keep the blog posted too.

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