Thursday, August 4, 2011

Great things about being blind. Darts anyone?

After my blog post about board games and cards the other day, someone asked me about other games and toys people had around the house.  It made me think of darts.  For some reason, I really wanted to learn to play darts.  We ended up with a plastic board with darts that weren't sharp so we could practice.  I wasn't really all that good.  However, the playing darts trick came in handy in University.  One night, a group of us were at a very crowded pub.  I mentioned something about playing darts and so we went and took over the dart board.  The dart board was located in a small separate room.  It was jammed with people.  When I came in and held the darts and people were pointing me in the direction of the board, the room went quiet.  When my friends went and tapped the board to show me where it was, the room cleared.  We had that room to ourselves all night.  Any time someone showed any chance of coming in, I was handed the darts.  It worked every time and it worked many many times.  So, if anyone want to go to a pub with me and clear the place, let's play darts!


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