Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Great things about being blind. Cruelty to birds?

There is a big international tennis tournament being held at the moment in Canada.  I don't follow tennis or any of the other racket sports.  They are pretty visual to watch I imagine and I don't really understand them all that well.  When I was about 12, my older brother and I were watching the commonwealth games.  I will confess to being olympic watching mad.  Especially swimming as I was a compettitive swimmer.  But other sports too.  Track and other things like that.  Anyway, badminton was on when we were watching.  They kept talking about hitting the bird and all these things about birds.  I tried to puzzle this out for a while.  Then I burst out with, "That is so mean!  Why doesn't the bird just fly away?"  "What bird?"  "The one they are hitting."
My brother couldn't stop laughing about this for hours.
Later, he found a friend with a badminton bird and let me feel that it was a tiny non-living thing!  See what images are in your head when you can't see what is on tv?

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