Thursday, May 26, 2011

Great things about being blind. Additional jobs for my guide dog.

In yesterday's post, I wrote about additional jobs my guide dogs perform.  To read that, see the post below this one.  Afterwards, I had a few additional suggestions for other jobs they hold and added a few myself.
Foot warmer.  Gia my golden was very good at this.  Lying on your feet.  There was one time when another storyteller and I were performing in an old ice house at a local museum.  It was autumn and freezing down there.  Gia lay on his feet all night and didn't bother with mine.  But she was an excellent foot warmer.
Alarm clock.  They tend to try to get up around the same time every day.  I'm a morning person but still it is handy to have them carry out this task.
Tulia the circus performer.
Tulia does this thing when going down carpeted stairs.  She extends her back legs straight out behind her and slides down on her belly.
I've never known any other dog to do this.  She tried this while working but I discouraged it.
This circus trick is for home use only.
Bed warmer.  I don't let any of my guides on the bed but when camping, they have shared a tent and a sleeping bag and kept me nice and warm.  I am grateful for that.
Wildlife tour guide.  My first guide Gwenny caught a frog.  She held it in her mouth and brought it to me and tried to put it in my hand.  As soon as she opened her mouth, the frog hopped away.
Gia brought me a dead fish once to show me.
I wasn't grateful enough so she rolled her face and head and neck in it.
Gia used to pick flowers sometimes and even gave me one from a funeral display by the coffin when we attended a service.
Gia also liked to find and give me pinecones and other such things.
She really was a true nature guide although Gwenny was the only one to bring me a live creature.
Wilderness director.
My dogs have been great while hiking, going to work through blizzards, etc.  They always seem to find the way even when I might get a bit turned around.
Tulia says with all of these additional job titles, she would like a raise in salary.  More kibble, more belly rubs, more toys please please please!

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