Friday, May 27, 2011

Great things about being blind. Self driving cars.

Perhaps my guide dog Tulia has been reading somewhere about google making a self-driving car.  Yes they are creating one.  I'd like very much to drive it some time when it becomes available.
I guess Tulia would like to drive too.  Yesterday, while riding in a friend's car in order to go and perform as a storyteller/speaker, Tulia was lying on the floor at my feet in the front passenger seat.
She tried various positions to get comfortable.  One of them involved her putting her head on the gears and putting the car into neutral.
I heard this strange sound in the motor and that's what it was.  Tulia, making her first attempt at driving.
She's a little short for a lab so might have some trouble with the driver's seat and controls.
but she is smart and resourceful and can't stand working in the rain.
Since i'ts been raining here for what feels like forever, she has obviously decided she can't wait for the google car to be perfected.  She is sharpening her skills now.  Go Tulia!  tomorrow, I will tell you a story about driving my boss's car.

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