Saturday, May 21, 2011

Great things about being blind. Greeting people on the street.

This morning, Tulia and I were walking along the quiet streets to go to our Saturday morning yoga class.
Someone ahead of me said hello. I said hello and smiled. but then realized, she was talking on her cell phone.
She hadn't actually said hello to me but had said it to someone else.
Nevertheless, I smiled and said hello.
I know that for me when someone says hello as they walk by, I like it very much.
It makes me smile.
I do say hi to people as I hear them go by.
Some people seem surprised and uncomfortabel when they respond.
Some do not respond.
As a person who is blind, I don't know if someone is talking on their cell phones.
Also, nowadays, everyone is listening to something all of the time while walking.
Or they are texting.
I do admit to having a huge love of my ipod and podcasts and audio books.
II always have it with me but don't use it while walking.
So, being blind, I say hello to anyone who says hello even if they aren't talking to me. Good thing about being blind? I say yes.

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  1. We have something else in common! Cricket and I went to yoga this am. Love it! Being blind has made me more friendly ... I do think I greet people with a hello and a smile more.


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