Thursday, May 19, 2011

Great things about being blind. Working in the rain.

It is raining here today. Feels like it has been raining for weeks and weeks. Miss Tulia is not fond of the rain. I don't need a weather person or the weather channel to tell mme t is rainy. Tulia is sluggish. When I open the door, she ambles out with me instead of bouncing out looking for adventure. We have no yard so out wwe both go. This morning,,, a I stood there in the rain waiting for her to decide to relieve herself, I started thinking about my other guide dogs and rain. Gwenny too (my only other black lab guide) hated rain a great deal. She was raised in southern California and so she lived with me in rainy British Columbia before moving back east. The first morning we went out in a steady rain, Gwenny charged down our steps. She was a fast walker and an eager worker. she stopped in her tracks when she realized it was raining and promptly turned us both around and started walking back upstairs. Gia didn't mind the rain but she would often wipe her wet golden self all over me to keep herself more dry. Sometimes she would rub her head and face against my leg. I think maybe so she could see better in the rain. Her gollden coat got all curly in the rain and she took ages to dry out. I don't remember my second guide Margaret having much trouble with rain. Please excuse typos. I'm writing on my ipood and still trying to figure out how to make corrections.

Tomorrow, I shall tell you all about the raincoats and winter coats and other things my guides have worn.

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  1. We are getting a lot of rain today in Utah and first thought was grrr - gotta work in the rain. Your message reminds me of the great things about being blind and working in the rain. thank you!


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