Monday, May 9, 2011

Great things about being blind. Testing the guide dogs?

Today I will have a follow up visit from my guide dog school. Some guide dog schools do this while others do not. We have a yearly follow up visit where we can go for a walk, work on any issues or difficult routes we have. As the dogs get older, the field representative can watch and let you know if anything might be unsafe in their work. I have a wonderful field rep and really like follow up visits. The dogs seem to know they're being observed. You know how when you have an exam and you ace it? You get all excited. That's what they do. Show off. Sometimes, I will tell my field rep that my dog needs work on something. One time with my first guide, I said she wasn't going right up to the edges of down curbs. We worked on this. We walked for blocks and blocks and she never did it once. I kept assuring him that she did it a lot. but, she worked flawlessly and never did until the very last curb near my house. Often, after the walk, they come in the house and run around and get all excited. "See how brilliant I am?" I don't have any big issues with Tulia but I have a few bus stop poles and crossing poles I want to find, so we may work on that.

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