Sunday, May 22, 2011

Great things about being blind. Conversations in coffee shops.

Sometimes I end up having very interesting conversations because I am blind. The other day, I went to the coffee shop to have a break, get some exercise, and get a drink of course. I ordered and asked if someone could carry my coffee. I can do it but would rather not spill hot liquids on myself, my guide dog, or other people. They said they would be happy to. I got Tulia to find a seat. She found one at a table which was occupied by one other person. she did find an empty chair. He said he would be happy if I sat there. So, we did. The man saww that I had an Ipod and asked how I could use it. We started talking about that and then I mmentioned I was a storyteller and it turrns out he is an artist too. He is a visual artist and also does some cartoons and things like that. We ended up having a very fasscinating discussion about the arts and how certain visual artt forms could become more accessible to those of us who are totally blind. If I hadn't been blind and had a guide dog, maybe I would have stayed home and worked. Maybe I would have driven somewhere. I wouldn't have gone and gotten my dog to find that chair at that table with that guy. And I wouldn't have had that conversation. Thanks tulia. I didn't know part of your job deescription as my guide was to find people who have interesting things to discuss to converse with me. You are a dog of many talents.

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