Friday, May 13, 2011

Great things about being blind. Opening the eyes of the sighted!

I fascinated someone today.  I think I really caused her to see people who are blind in a new way.  I'm not bragging.  And I didn't do anything out of the ordinary.  Since I work from home, I will often go out for a walk with Tulia and then end up in a coffee shop or something to do some work.  Gives me a change of scene, a destination for Tulia to find, and let's me still do my work.
I'm right now trying to learn some material for a show we have coming up on May 27 at a local museum Billings estate.
come if you can and if you live in Ottawa.
It will be a fun, light show in which I recite the poems of one of Canada's worst ever poets "The chaucer of cheese"
Anyway, I had my braille note taker with me to read and practice my script.
Tulia and I walked to the door and she found the handle so I could open the door.
A woman said, "Oh I'll help you find the door."
but Tulia had already done it.
In we went,  She said,  "I'll help you find the line."
Tulia had already done it.
Then I ordered and asked if they would carry coffee to a table for me.
They agreed.
I said, "Tulia find a chair."
At the same time, the woman said, "I'll help you find a chair."
But, you guessed it, Tulia already had done that too.
I sat down, took out my braille notetaker, and started reading and working on the script.
After a few minutes, the woman came over and asked what that machine was.
I explained.
She seemed awestruck.
"You don't need any help with anything do you?"
There was amazement in her voice.
She wasn't being condescending or sarcastic or even upset that I didn't take her help.
She was truly amazed it seemed.
In a good way.
Now, I do need help with things.
We all do.
but today, I was just doing what was normal for me.
And I blew her away and taught her something just by being out there in the world and functioning.
And of course I had the smartest and cutest guide dog ever showing off.
I'm glad she learned that people who are blind are just people out there doing what we do.
And I happen to be blind.

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