Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Great things about being blind. The guide dog who does those little things that touch my heart.

Yesterday, I had my follow up visit as I mentioned in this blog yesterday. It went very well. One reason that I love these visits is that I get to learn about things my guides do that touch my heart. People talk about guide dogs and are amazed at the big picture. But, what touches my heart so much is learning about the little things hey do in their work that I never even know about at the time. The things they do to keep me safe not on a large scale but on a small scale. For example, as we walked down the sidewalk Tulia swerved left and then right just a little. The guide dog instructor told me that she had swerved so that a person's large back pack would not hit me in the face. Once, he told me that Gia had swerved to avoid an umbrella that was being raised in front of us. Tulia stops for broken sidewalk or uneven surfaces. Or, she slows down. She had to zig zag around some people sitting on the sidewalk. She had to weave through some newspaper boxes and poles I didn't even know were there. And she does it with grace and a sense of adventure and does it like a pro. I feel sad sometimes that I don't know always to praise for the miraculous small things my guides do that I never know they did. But, they keep working for me so I must be doing something right?

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