Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Great things about being blind. Being able to blog about it.

I am honoured that guide dogs for the blind's blog, no bones about it, is featuring my blog.
Thank you gdb.
You can find out more about them at
I thought that writing an entry each day on great things about being blind was vitally important. I want to dispel some of the negative stereotyping about people with disabilities in the media and in the views of some people today. I thought it might be difficult but it actually has been fun.
On the day when my Gia retired guide dog died, I thought I wouldn't be able to blog but I did.
I blogged about her and continued that for the next few days.
It helped me to write about it and blogging has helped get ideas for my storytelling.
It is great practice to write each day as well.
I'd love to write a book some time too.
So thanks to all who have been reading and commenting on my blog.
Thanks to the other bloggers whose blogs I read.
I will create another post with their blog links in it.
If I wasn't blind, I wouldn't be blogging about this and meeting and hearing from so many wonderful people.
Thank you so much.

Kim Kilpatrick
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