Sunday, May 1, 2011

GGreat things about being blind. Royal wedding watching?

II'm not a huge royal follower or royal watcher. II don't care much about a dress, auniform, a look. I do love music and sound and the sounds of bells. But, I was very happy the other day to discover that the royal wedding was audio described by accessible media here in Canada. On a channel called the accessible channel. 888 for me and many of you. Recently, I have been hired as a freelance reporter for them and did my first story a couple of weeks ago. The stories are of things interesting to their viewers. Everything on that channel is audio described meaning visual things are inserted into the sound track. I didn't get up in the middle of the night to watch. But, when I did get up, I turned it on to check and see what it was like. It was good if you like that type of thing. The best thing about it though was that a person who is blind could watch it on their own at the same time as everyone else and talk about it around the water cooler later. I smiled when I thought of scaring people by saying, "Yes I really liked the audio description of the dress!"
To find out more about accessible media, go to

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