Sunday, May 8, 2011

Great things about being blind. A great mom!

This is Mother's day.
My wonderful mom is not technologically adventurous.  She does not go on the internet, do e-mail, or facebook.
Nevertheless, this posting is for her.
My mom has always loved me and treated me with respect and as if I were an intelligent person who happens to be blind.
I am forever grateful for that.
When I was trying to learn to tie my shoes or zip up a zipper, she would let me struggle until I got it for myself.
Mind you, I was so stubborn that I wouldn't let others do those things for me and would insist on doing it for myself.
She says that sometimes she had to leave the room so she didn't watch me struggle, but she did that.
My mom is a great shopper and has an eye for colours and helps me out with matching clothes which is important.
She learned braille when I was learning it so she could write me notes and put them on the fridge or in my lunch bag or label gifts at christmas and birthdays.
She has dog-sat all of my guides at various times.  Not Tulia yet.
She read to me countless books.
Thanks mom for all you do!

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