Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Great things about being blind. Giving directions to lost sighted people.

A while back, I was walking down the sidewalk.  I reached a corner and was about to cross when I heard two people debating about where they were.  I could hear the rustle of maps and they sounded totally lost.  I heard the name of a near by hotel.  I knew exactly where it was.
So, I said, "Excuse me.  Are you lost?"  It seemed odd to say that as often sighted people ask me if I am lost even when I am not.  I may be just standing waiting for someone, waiting for my dog to do her business.  Just enjoying the air.  So, it seemed odd but kind of nice to ask if they were lost.
They said that they were and told me where they were trying to go.
I knew exactly how many streets they needed to cross.  What side of the road the hotel was on.  How many traffic lights there were.  I gave them very detailed and specific directions.
They were impressed.
They thanked me so much and as they left, one of them said,
"Next time we're lost.  Let's ask a blind person to help us."
That felt really great.
It also makes sense.
Blind people have to remember and know many more things about our environments.  So, next time you are lost, ask a blind person.


  1. Wow! I love this thanks so much for sharing this story, it was surprising yet made perfect sense at the same time.


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