Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Great things about being blind. Not looking at the scenery.

We are finally having spring like weather here. I was out yesterday running errands, going for a walk, and polishing stories for a performance I gave at a local cafe last night. If you are in ottawa some time, go to the tea party cafe 119 York Street. They have hundreds of kinds of tea, lots of good food too, and they are wonderful people. I was thinking how beautiful it was outside. Sun shining, birds singing, nice and warm. I was waiting at a corner to cross and just thinking about the beautiful day. Two women were standing waiting to cross. One said, "Isn't it disgusting all of the garbage on the sidewalks and the grass is still brown. I hate this time of year." That surprised me. I thought it was a beautiful day. Guess it was good that I couldn't see it.

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