Monday, September 5, 2011

My obsession with news aps for my ipod

I've always been curious. Wanting to know about things. Read things. Experience things. I used to wish I could skim through the newspaper like my parents did. They would read me articles if I asked or if they thought I might be interested. But, that meant they were filtering articles and I wasn't. So, when I got my ipod and even before that, I began reading news articles for myself. Picking what I would read. Now, I love RSS readers on my ipod that give me the articles. Then I can decide what to read. It is a freeing thing. That is why I have about three of them on my ipod. I know. I don't need three but I choose to have them and so I do. Happy news reading to all. Oh and I love reading blogs too.

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  1. I also enjoy reading news for myself. I have multiple news sources on my Twitter feed and love skimming through them and deciding for myself what I want to read and what is important to know and what isn't.

    It's strange to think of how different life would be without computers and the internet.


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