Monday, September 19, 2011

Great things about being blind. Moving my stuff.

We are in a room together.
I have placed my bag, coat, etc on a chair or table.  Say we are in a meeting or workshop.
Maybe you have to rearrange the room.  Put tables up or take them down.  You move my bag.  Place it somewhere else.
Perhaps we all go for lunch.  I am alone in the room looking for my jacket and bag.
A blind person needs to remember where they put their things in a room.
My coat is on the chair nearest the door.  My bag is on a chair with arms in front of a round table.
And so, if you move them, I may search over every square inch of the room.  Literally,  for you, you can do this easily.  Scan the room with your eyes.
For me, I need to touch everything.
Now, my guide dogs have been and are pretty good at finding our stuff.  There are often kibbles in my bag or a water bowl which helps.
But please, if you need to move my stuff, can you tell me where you moved it to?  Thank you.

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