Saturday, September 10, 2011

Great things about being blind. September 11 and the dogs who were heroes

All guide dog handlers think our dogs are heroes.  And they are.  As we all are at times.  And at times they are funny and annoying and not always well behaved.  but, yesterday I watached a youtube video of a guide dog and his person who got out of the world trade centre on 9/11 and it touched my heart and made me cry.  The fact that the guide wouldn't leave him even though he let the dog go.   The fact that around all of this chaos and noise, the man and dog continued to walk, continued to move.  For a blind person, loud noise and chaos is one of the most frightening things for me.  I don't even like loud bars as I have no idea where anyone is, where I am in relation to anyone or anything.  I don't like construction noise as I walk as again I can't hear what is around me.  So, I can't even imagine how chaotic that day must have been.
Another grad from my guide dog school,
guide dogs for the blind
Got out of the centre with his dog and has recently published a book about it called thunder dog which is very good.
After 9/11, I didn't cry.  I felt numb.  I couldn't see the TV images and was grateful for that.  But, a few days later, on learning about the two grads and their guides who exited the trade centre, I put my head down on my computer keyboard and cried and cried.
Amidst the chaos, the wreckage, the violence, there was a canine and a person and the two of them working together in friendship, in harmony, in trust.
And, to know every day that I have a creature who if called upon would do what those dogs did, makes me so so glad I'm blind.  And makes me cry!

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