Thursday, September 15, 2011

Great things about being blind. Guiding a blind person.

Yesterday, I wrote about the importance of always asking if a blind person needs help.  Once I say, yes that I do.  What do you do next?  Well, you don't grab my arm from behind and start pushing me ahead of you.  This is , as you can imagine quite unnerving and also unsafe.  Think of you being in the dark and shoved from behind.  If you are ahead of me and I take your arm, then I can feel as  you move around things, climb or descend stairs, and if I feel you are not the guide I want, I can let go of your arm and go my own way.  Smile!  Or, once I am not needing you to guide me, I can let go, thank you, and proceed on.  Do not grab my white cane and guide me with it.  This has happened.  Tomorrow, how to guide a person with a guide dog.

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