Monday, September 12, 2011

Great things about being blind. Not seeing images.

One more 9/11 inspired post. I am a history and news enthusiast. I love podcasts, reading articles, listening to the radio. I love history and figuring out history and so after 9/11 I spent some time with the media trying to figure out what had happened and would happen. Many of my friends and family said they had to stop watching because they showed the same graphic images again and again. I didn't see them. For this, I am grateful. I know what happened and knew what happened but didn't have to watch the same images over and over. I could absorb things at my own pace. At my own rate. In my own way. And so, I could filter the media and absorb the disaster in the ways that made sense to me most. Not that anything about it ever made sense. so glad to be blind on that day.

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  1. This post is a bit spooky as I mentioned something very similar on my blog the other day, being thankful not seeing the horror, but unfortunately, as I have had sight and I've always had a very over active imagination, I didn't deal with it or assimilate the disaster well. I still have horrific nightmares and I didn't even know any body in the buildings.


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