Thursday, September 22, 2011

Great things about being blind. The food on my plate.

Eating can be an adventure. What is in front of me? I know what I ordered so maybe the piece of chicken I need to cut is in front of me. Or maybe mashed potatoes. Or maybe the roll. I've speared little cups filled with cranberry sauce and brought them confidently towards my mouth. I've stabbed a piece of bread on a fork. But, mostly I just proceed with caution feeling with my fork around the plate to tell by texture what is there. But, if you help me at a buffet (another post topic) or if you put food on my plate telling me where it is is most helpful. People use the old clock face method. Your meat is at 12, your vegetables at 3, your potatoes at 6 etc. When mentioning this to a group of kids once a little boy was horrified and said, "You mean you eat your meat at 12 and can't eat your vegetables until 3?" I'm sure he imagined me sitting at a table all day long. I'm hungry now. Breakfast time I think?

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