Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Great things about being blind. When in doubt, ask.

I have been asked several questions about proper etiquette and guiding for blind people. So, I start a series of posts about that over the next few days. Hope they are helpful. It is great to be blind and be around people who get this. First, guiding a blind person. Since I am totally blind, the rules are slightly different here. Someone with low vision may tell you what to do to be most helpful. for someone who is totally blind, first ask if you can help in any way. Perhaps I am just standing outside enjoying the sun. Maybe I am waiting for someone. Maybe I know where I'm going but am taking a break. Ask if the person needs assistance and listen to what they say in order to determine what kind of assistance they need. That is the first step. Always ask. Don't grab my arm, my dog, or my cane. That feels like I've been attacked in an alley.Tomorrow, the various guiding techniques.

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