Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Great things about being blind. Independence in colour identification.

I don't always know what colour my clothes are but I tend to know by feel what goes together after I am told about it. I hang clothes together. I remember them by feel. but, sometimes I need a certain colour. Yesterday, I was asked if I could wear a red shirt for some photos taken of me. I forgot to ask Richard in the morning if a certain shirt was red. I thought it was. He was gone and only my dog was here so I took my ipod, and my colour identification ap aid colors and first I took a picture of my black lab Tulia. The ap said, blac. So I took a picture of my shirt and the ap said red. And red it indeed was. What a rush of independence I had. May not seem like much but it is to me.

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  1. :O I had NO idea you could get that as an app. I'll have to get my mum to find it on my iPhone for me I'm hit and miss with my colours. My wardrobe is mostly jeans and hoodies so I don't really have to put much effort in but I like to on a special evening and this would encourage me to dress less boringly. My friend has a hand held device that announces the colours but I can't afford that but an app that does the same thing I might be able to. Thanks for sharing.


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