Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Great things about being blind. Kibble for the guide dogs.

Yesterday, I went to a new location to start teaching a storytelling workshop. My friend met me at the bus stop and showed me the way there and back to my other bus stop after. So, I had to find three new bus stops and a new building. I used back chaining and food rewards and my guide picks things up so fast. It is easy for a blind person to do too. find the door, bus pole, with a cane or someone show it to you. Feed the dog there. Step back two steps hold the leash and see if she surges towards it. She almost always does. More food. Back a little further, surge, more food. Then back to the corner and work to the pole or steps. She finds it like magic. How wonderful this is.

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  1. this is amazing :) i love reading your posts!


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