Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Great things about being blind. books books books.

On this first day of school for many, I thought about first days of school I've had. I always loved school. I loved reading and learning. And books. Braille books are huge and heavy and take up a great deal of space. In fact, during my last year of highschool, I had a storage closset instead of a locker to hold all of my books and supplies. So, how nice now to be able to read braille on an electronic display. To read whatever audio books I want. To look online for books I want to read. It is like I said yesterday, I like to have the choices of what to read and when. My love of and access to books has grown immensely. I'm so grateful for that. I like books from audible.com

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  1. I am very much the same. I loved learning and I've always been a book worm really. I used to use Audible a lot, but not so much now. I listen to books when I'm tired but I have a little bit of useable sight left in my right eye that enables me to read large text on the Amazon Kindle. So I'm enjoying that while it lasts.

    Braille books are cumbersome. I can't imagine what the weight must have been for you at school. I struggled through a mainstream school which didn't end well, but I still love learning and reading today, when I get the chance. I have a few Gr 1 Braille books and a couple of Gr2 but so far my Gr 2 Braille is going very slowly. My writing is fine, almost as fast as on the qwerty keyboard, but my reading, gosh.. I annoy myself at my speed. I'm sure learning English I wasn't this slow :( It's disheartening. I appreciate the electronic Braille Displays too!. I find them easier to read than the paper version.


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