Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Great things about being blind. Food on my plate.

People seem to be enjoying these posts and have lots of questions. Many revolving around food and drink. Let's tackle drink first.
Can a blind person make tea and coffee and carry hot liquids? Yes. If done carefully I can. To make tea, I have a complex system of funnels. I pour cold water into my teapot. Then, I put a funnel in my kettle to pour the water from the tea pot into the kettle. this means I know how much is in the kettle so can't hurt myself when pouring it into the tea pot again. Next, I boil the water. I have a different funnel that I put over my teapot while I pour the boiling water in. Maybe too complex but it works for me. I also have something called liquid leveler which beeps when water touches it when it is placed over the edge of your cup. I don't use it much though. I listen to the sound of the liquid filling my cup. It sounds different as it gets to the top. I do touch it briefly with the very tip of my finger too and don't burn myself doing that. Tomorrow on to more drinks and food. Now, I need a cup of tea.

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