Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Swimming dogs continued.

My first guide dog, (black lab Gwenny) hadn't been swimming before I got her.  Since she really really hated the rain (another story for another day) I figured she would not like it.  I had gone out in  a boat on a lake and since the other people in the boat wanted to fish, I left Gwenny on shore with some relatives.  When I came back in the boat, Gwenny was eager to be reunited with me.  The let her loose and she came bouncing through the shallw water towards the boat as we coasted in.  She bounced and then suddenly, it was too deep to bounce and she just started swimming.  She loved it very very much.  she would swim whenever and wherever I would let her.  She was a fast swimmer and good retreiver.  And as most retreivers do when they swim, she would get out and shake all over me if I wasn't swimming with her, to ensure that I too got the joy of being all wet.
Tomorrow, the swimming adventures of my second guide dog.

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