Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Great things about being blind. Working dogs in the heat.

One thing I love about having a relatively new guide dog is finding out their quirks and preferences.
Tulia loves the heat.
She loves to lie in the sun.
She hardly pants.  She drinks lots of water which is good.
Given the choice, she will walk more slowly through sunny patches and speed up in the shade.  If we are in a meeting or waiting somewhere, she will shift herself over in order to lie in the sun.
This is completely opposite to my last guide dog Gia who hated the heat.
She would slow way down in the shade and speed up in the sun and avoid the heat whenever possible.  She would try to take me into air conditioned buses or buildings instead of walking along the sidewalk at times.
She was a golden with much more fur.
She did love swimming in the cold atlantic ocean or in a lake when it was hot.
I hear we're in for a hot summer.  Probably, Tulia approves.

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