Monday, June 6, 2011

Great things about being blind. Free coffee and treats.

This morning, Tulia and I went for a walk before it gets too hot. She is a lover of the sun and heat but I have a full day's work of writing and creating stories for an upcoming storytelling show all about guide dogs. So, I went out early. We walked for a while and then on the way home, I stopped at a local coffee shop. When I came in, it was still pretty quiet there being around 7 am. All workers in the shop said how much they loved my dog. One thought she was still a puppy as she is so small. One asked if they could keep her in the store all day. I said we could consider that if icould work in the store all day andd we could get free beverages and snacks. They seemed to think that that would be a good exchange. So, one good thing about being blind is that my dog could get me free coffee and food. Just kidding of course.

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