Friday, June 17, 2011

Great things about being blind. The readers from the drama department.

The other day, I wrote about a particularly good reader for one of my audio books.  When I was in University, we didn't have as much helpful technology as we do now.  I couldn't access on line books or electronic books.  I didn't have a scanner and software that would allow me to scan a document and have it read back to me.  So, I had to find readers.  After much searching, I found one of the best places to get readers was the drama department of my university.  They loved reading out loud.  To them, it was fun and gave them a chance to practice their vocal skills.  I loved it too.  The only problem with them was that they often wanted to repeat scenes over and over.  They wanted to perfect accents and voices for characters.  They wanted to read with just that perfect dramatic flare.  Generally, this is entertaining for me.   But, when you need something read within the next day or two, when you need them to remember to spell names and say page numbers, you don't want them to perfect a scene.  You just want them to read and keep reading.  Despite some differences of opinion from time to time, they were always most excellent readers.

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