Thursday, June 16, 2011

Great things about being blind. Getting me a hockey souvenir.

Last night, the Vancouver Canucks NHL hockey tam lost in game 7 to the Boston Bruins in the Stanley cup finals. It took me back to a wonderful memory. The last time the canucks went to the finals was in 1994. I was living in Vancouver then myself and got caught up in the high spirits and wonderful feeling of the city. Vancouver won game 6 at home to force a game 7 in New York. The city went crazy in a good way. Everyone out honking horns, walking in the streets, cheering, waving, talking to others. I decided to take my guide dog out on the street and join in the celebrations. Richard and I and my guide Gwenny set forth. At that time, they had these souvenir towels that people could buy. They were very expensive and I didn't have one. As we walked along the sidewalk, the cars were just crawling along. We could walk faster ourselves. Gwenny was prancing along looking at everything. She was a wonderful and very smart and initiative driven black lab. People were hanging out of their car windows waving these towels. To a dog who liked to play, they looked like tug toys and opportunities to tug. So, Gwenny jumped up and grabbed one of them. And began pulling on it. Maybe she thought I needed a souvenir myself? Anyway, I did give it back. That night, it was so fun and peaceful, I couldn't believe it when riots broke out after Vancouver lost game 7. The same thing happened last night. This sadens me. I don't like my country to be thought of like that and I think 99.999 percent of Canadians would agree with me.

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