Saturday, June 18, 2011

Great things about being blind. Meeting all kinds of dogs!

This morning on our way to yoga class, tulia and I were strolling along a fairly empty sidewalk when we heard a dog howling pitifully up ahead. It turns out, she is a fairly young lab poodle cross. She was very tall and very cute. She was howling because she wanted to see Tulia I think. Her owner had her well controlled though. Her howl was quite cute. Her fur was more curly than a lab coat and her ears were longer. Her name is Morley after the character in Stewart Maclean's vinal cafe.
I thought that was great! It occurred to me as we continued our walk that I have met so many different dogs and learned so much about different dog breeds since I got a guide dog. They are all fascinating. I'm grateful to have met so many four-legged furry canine friends and had many wonderful discussions with dog owners. Thank you to the responsible dog owners out there who keep there dogs well under control and don't start grabbing at my guides and patting them without asking first. You are wonderful to meet.

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