Saturday, June 25, 2011

Great things about being blind. Hearing dogs swim.

I have always loved listening to dogs swim.  They go so fast and so smoothly.
I grew up with a lab mix and she loved to swim from a very early age.  We spent summers at our cottage and that dog was never out of the water.  She loved to retreive rocks from the bottom.  She would stick her head in, blow bubbles, and haul the rocks out and want you to throw them for her.  If you didn't, she would drop them on your foot or hand and they could be quite large.  So you pretty much had to pay attention to her and throw them for her!
She also would swim out with us.  When we swam the river (about half a mile or so) she came along.  Swimming ahead of us, then back to us, around us, and forward again.  She must have gone twice or three times the distances we did and was ready to swim back.  And what can I hear when a dog swims?  The breathing.  Not usually the paws moving.  But the exuberant jump into water and that breathing as they move.
Tomorrow, I'll tell you about my first guide dog Gwenny and her swimming.
Happy summer!

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