Sunday, June 26, 2011

Great things about being blind. The words our guide dogs know.

I interrupt the tales of swimming dogs, (or should that be tails of swimming dogs) to talk about something that happened yesterday and to answer a question someone asked me about that.  What words do your guide dogs know?  I don't mean the words they were taught in training.  Forward, left, right, halt, sit, down, stay, come, heel.  I mean other things.  Yesterday, while walking home from yoga class, Tulia gave me a gift which I picked up, bagged, and then I needed to find a garbage can.  I knew there was one at the next corner if I turned left and found the bus stop about half a block away.  I reached the corner and said, Find the garbage can.  Left."  Well, Tulia spun to the right, ranced up and down a couple of times, I put my hand out, and there was a garbage can.
I use the find the command a lot.
You have to make sure you use the same words consistently.
You an't say, find the chair, find the bench, find the couch, find the seat."  You have to pick one.
I say find the seat as find the chair is too similar to find the stairs which I also use.
Find the garbage can is another handy one.
Find the pole for crossing poles.
Find the bus stop.
I'm not always sure whether or not my dogs know them all of the time but Tulia sure did yesterday.
Oh yes find the curb if we seem to be wandering in the street a little.
They seem to know, do you want supper?
Do you want a treat?
Find a toy.
Leve it.
Let's go.
On your bed.
And man other phrases.
It amazes me how much they know sometimes.
Tomorrow back to swimming dogs.

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  1. I liked this post.
    I'm allways curious about fraces guidedogs understand.
    Can you please write more about that?An about gufy things tulia does?


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