Thursday, June 30, 2011

Great things about being blind. Swimming dogs continued.

My second guide dog was a little female yellow labrador retriever named Margaret. She did not like to swim or like the water at all. She did not like to get dirty. Years would go by before she learned to swim. One summer, Margaret and I were with a friend at a lake. I was swimming and was several meters from shore. My friend said that Margaret was watching me closely. I said that she would never swim. She didn't like to do it. My friend suggested I call her. I did. Tentatively at first, she came in. The first bit of swimming she did, she flung her head way back. My friend told me this. she swallowed some water and went back to shoree coughing. I thought that would be it. She would never enter the water again. But in she came very excited. She learned to swim that day and loved it forever. The friends who took her when she retired let her swim regularly and she loved it very much.

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